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What we do

At Honestus Family Office AG

We are independent specialists and are free of any conflict of interest. We manage and take care of  our clients’ assets as if they were our own. We support and carry on our clients' family values such as cohesion and prosperity across generations trough a variety of integrated financial services that go beyond traditional asset management.


We work with utmost discretion and provide our customers with tailor-made and transparent solutions.

Wealth Management, Honestus Family Office AG, Cham Switzerland
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Wealth Management

Customised asset management

At Honestus Family Office we strive for clarity and simplicity - so that you have a clear overview of your assets at all times. Together, we work out individual solutions that meet your requirements. We support you in your investment decisions, in alignment with your speed and style.

Thanks to our independence and expertise, we provide optimal advice and support for your financial endeavours. Because your success is our passion. 

We lift the weight from your shoulders - Company Management

When it comes to company management, we tailor our services to your needs. Whether you require purely administrative support or support in complex entrepreneurial processes, we are ready to assist you. We integrate our competences into your pre-existing structures and build upon a basis of trustworthy cooperations.

Health Management, Honestus Family Office AG, Cham Switzerland
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Health Management

Because your health is your most precious asset

Honestus Family Office assists you in taking care of your most important asset - your health. We can organise specialised treatment plans, preventive health check-ups as well as second opinion examinations conducted by leading medical providers. The Swiss health care system is renowned for it's quality and precision, innovation as well as professionally. Your treatment will be conducted by top quality personnel with cutting-edge technology, in high end facilities surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland.

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Next Generation

​A long-term vision with far-sight 

Is it important to you to retain the vision and purpose of your family over generations? We make sure that knowledge and responsibility are transferred to your future generations to ensure the continuity of your assets. In doing so we adopt an incremental and long-term approach.

As a second generation family office strive to be available to your family on various levels. Whether it is support in choosing the most appropriate asset arrangements, advice on future asset allocations, or answering your children's questions regarding asset structuring, we always provide our services professionally, sensitively and discreetly.

The Extra Step, Honestus Family Office AG, Cham Switzerland
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We make the extra step further

We support you in every life situation and in every matter

For this reason, we at Honestus Family Office AG have expanded our activities and services beyond financial assets and go the extra step further with you.

We support you in the planning and implementation of everyday goals, such as your next journey and corresponding accommodation or a study trip for the younger generations. We also cover coordination and administration of your real estate and other areas of lifestyle management.

Aquila Partner

Honestus Family Office AG is a proud partner of the Aquila Group and has been authorized by FINMA.

As the new Federal Financial Services Act (FINSA) came into force in Switzerland on January 1, 2020 Honestus Family Office AG has, based on the new legislation, revised existing processes as well as further revised and adapted to the requirements of the FIDLEG where necessary. On one hand, it contains regulations on the offer of financial services and financial products and, on the other hand, protective mechanisms for investors. Even before the FIDLEG came into force, Honestus Family Office AG, Aquila Ltd and its partner companies attached great importance to protecting the interests of our clients. Here you can find the most important information. 

Aquila Partner

HST Member

Honestus Family Office AG is a proud member of the HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic

The HST supports economic relations between the Czech Republic and Switzerland by bringing together dozens of companies operating in the Czech and Swiss markets. It provides its members with a platform to meet, exchange contacts, information and experience.

HST Handelskammer Schweiz Tschechien Chamber of Commerce Switzerland Czech Republic
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