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A Family Office

In it's true sense of the word

Team of Honestus Family Office, Wealthmanagement in Cham, Switzerland

Wealth management across generations

Continuity, a long-term vision and a secure future are important to us as well as to our clients. That is why farsightedness, trustworthiness and loyalty characterise our dynamic approach. We would like to be there for our clients even in demanding situations and in all life stages. That is why our team consists of several generations - to accompany our clients' family over many years to come.

Work with us!

Though our endeavours we are now and in the future looking to meet motivated and daring people that have big ideas and want to bring them to live. Our growth is in tune with current developments and has great potential to change in the direction of new opportunities. This flexibility is lived throughout of our company values.

Come meet us by our table and let’s talk about how we could build on the expertise, experience, network and infrastructure that Honestus Family Office has developed over the many years, for generations to come.

Get in touch with us:

Phone      + 41 44 202 00 83

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